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Who is Pretty Deadly for?

Pretty Deadly is for anyone interested in connecting to their body in a new way, finding tools to help with anxiety, stress and fear, and ready to discover the joy of movement while developing practical life skills that build self-trust, so you can adapt to anything, and be ready for everything! 

Self defense isn’t about fighting back – it’s about knowing your boundaries, trusting yourself, your own capabilities, bringing your power into the open and never having to hide who you are.

We believe self defense should never mean changing what you wear, how you get home, or buddying up for the bathroom. We believe in putting the power back where it really belongs: with you.

LOOKING FOR more than a course?

Earn your Pretty Deadly certification and inspire your community as Community Guide or Online Coach!

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Online Coach

Become a Pretty Deadly Online Coach and get certified to teach our live, interactive Basics of Self Defense Movement.

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Community Guide

Want to teach Pretty Deadly but aren't ready to be a full-on Trainer? Become a Community Guide!