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Episode 85: Women vs Women

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

Women are all about empowerment, but when it comes to self defense, some women don't want to be associated with it. Why is that?


Women’s Attitudes Towards Violence Against Women

Susie has witnessed an entire generation of change, which is an impressive development. But there is still the same degree of violence against women, including internet violence, digital harassment and doxxing.

The Role Of Classism And Racism In Violence Against Women

Women's attitude about violence hasn't changed; violence has managed to stay the same the entire time.

The Role Women Play In The Violence Against Other Women

People would say that women are sometimes their worst enemies, and violence may occur for various reasons.

What Do Women Learn From Fighting Each Other?

Women fighting each other reinforces the notion that women are their own adversaries. Being a woman doesn't Imply that I can't protect myself from my gender.

Can They Translate What They Learn From Fighting Each Other Into Self-Defense?

It all comes down to our mindset. Personally, if you think you are strong as a woman, you will stand up for yourself regardless of whether it is a man or a woman that's violating you.

Women’s Views On Violence Against Women

Not all women experienced violence in the same manner. And every one of us must understand how we've all experienced it so that if we need to step in, speak out against it, or support another woman, we can do it in the manner that they need to be helped.


  • Women

  • Violence

  • Jamaica

  • United States

  • Germany

  • Self-defense

  • Perspective

  • Attitudes

  • Masculinity


00:01: Introduction

00:28: Description

00:57: Women’s attitudes towards violence against women

01:29: Is there any classism or racism that affects how women view violence against other women?

11:58: Is there a lot of violence of women against women?

15:40: What do women learn from fighting each other?

17:40: What do women learn from fighting each other?

23:18: Women’s views on violence against women

24:40: Relevant Quotes and websites

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