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Episode 87: Self Defense in Familial Situations

Women are frequently abused in our own families, and even within friend groups. Misogyny is deeply embedded in all of us. As women, we have built-in misogyny toward ourselves.

How Can Women Speak Up About Domestic Abuse?

We must not define someone else's violence for them; rather, we must help them understand what violence looks like.

It's Hard For People To Accept That Those They Love Are Hurting Them

Nobody wants to believe that the people they care about are abusive. It could even possibly be true, and the people they care about don't mean to hurt them. Maybe they're working out their cycles, over which they have no control.

Physical Abuse In Relationships

This becomes more challenging when dealing with parents or partners. Because it is viewed as a form of discipline, violence against children can be considered normal. It can take some time for children to understand that hitting, punching, or kicking another child is unacceptable.

The TSK Benjamin Foundation

The goal is to assist parents and caregivers in creating a nurturing environment for children. And it will imply that children who experience these things will suffer the negative effects of certain types of parenting.

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